1.  University bookstore will pay up to 50% of purchase price for books that are required and needed for the following semester (subject to bookstore’s stock on hand).
  2. ID required
  3. Books must be in reusable condition.
  4. Wholesale service is available for textbooks no longer required by University Bookstore.  (Prices not established by the bookstore.)
  5. All buyback decisions will be determined at the discretion of bookstore management.
  6. Each transaction is final at the time of the purchase of the book from the customer. 

Please Note:
  This link for online  buyback is primarily provided for our Distance Learning customers who cannot physically bring their books into University Bookstore for buyback. Clicking on the link above will take you to the website of our used book business partner, MBS, where you can sell your books for whatever prevailing wholesale value they have. You will be selling your books to MBS, not to University Bookstore. For books that will be used for the upcoming semester, University Bookstore will usually pay more than the wholesale value; however, for University Bookstore to pay the higher price, the books must be physically brought to the store for buyback. University Bookstore buys back books every day that we are open for business.